To imagine the horror Kim went through the last night of her life is inconceivable. Below are the facts we know from her final hours, and a map to show the location of events. We hope that what we know will some day lead us to what we don’t know, and solve her mystery.

  • Kimberly Simon was last seen leaving her home at 9197 River Road in Marcy shortly before 6 pm Sept. 18, 1985, as she headed to meet a friend at Whitesboro Junior High School on Route 69.
  • The last hours of Simon’s life were believed to have been spent with at least five individuals known for devil worship and their dark obsession with death, investigators said.
  • Screams were heard at another hangout called the “Water Tower” near Hart’s Hill Elementary School in Whitesboro.
  • One of Simon’s shoes was seen along the Sauquoit Creek near the “Three Bears” site.
  • Some of her belongings where found along Clinton Street near Carolyn Court Apartments.
  • She was reported missing at about 11:30 pm that night.

If anyone has additional information about that night please contact either Retired investigator: Jim Helmer ( or Current investigator: Dave Matrulli (, 315-864-1655).